My name is Jarid Andrew Barringer and I am passionate about everything digital—namely photography. I fell in love with the digital arts in college where I studied photojournalism. It was there, in the classroom, where I had the opportunity to study under great professors who taught me to see with my mind’s eye, instead of just taking pictures. I never turned back.

My career has allowed me to travel, and meet thousands of new people I would have never been met had it not been for the digital arts. I love this field. I am passionate about the arts, not because of my adeptness in producing digital content for clients, but because of the many relationships I have forged along the way. The ability to have an eye and ear into the lives of so many people has truly changed my own, personal outlook on life—for the better.

I hope that you enjoy what you see on my website.


Jarid Andrew.


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